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Experience the ultimate first of its kind events that captures the essence of your message plus create hype and excitement for your brand, function, event or concert. Consumers will be welcomed by a Hollywood Galactic style production that is hosted in a giant inflatable structure transformed by the latest digital environmental projection.


In the contemporary South African entertainment scene, consumers are today expecting a world class experience. To make an impact with events takes something really special. SaEvents presents the ultimate never seen before in the world event experience. With digital environmental projection, top-end décor design and production this is the ultimate world first entertainment experience.



The Peanut Trident was engineered and built by Inflate Structures. Inflate is an award winning company that builds stimulating structures specifically designed for the temporary and portable market.  An established international with who's help we brought the long awaited huge structure to South Africa.  Clients such as: Nike, Puma, Coke, Apple, Lacoste and Virgin - all have used the smaller structures worldwide.

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57,8 meters long, 23.9 meters wide and 8 meters high.


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1500 to 3000+ people depending on layout, positioning and other areas.


The baby brothers











Our services and expertise include and go far beyond the following:

• Conceptual event design
• Venue sourcing and negotiations
• Audio Visual & Graphic design
• Sponsorship negotiations
• Staging and event infrastructure
• Disaster management planning & liaison with authorities
• Sound engineering and setup design
• Lighting design and production
• Visual effects & video production
• Security arrangements & staffing
• Artist: booking, liaison, transfers, accommodation, security & babysitting
• Marketing and publicity management
• Ticketing services
• Mobile based services and SMS competition lines
• Total hands-on event management


The ultimate venue can be rented in a variety of different ways. As prelaunch special the basic structure rental is R78’750 plus R15’750 setup fee (Excluding VAT) for a 3 day package will provide you 1,5 setup days, the event and breakdown. Longer packages will be calculated as a percentage of the basic rental. We will also provide all the added services from furniture, staging, décor and setup to safety, security, food and beverage services plus all technical and complete event organization. Our structure is based in Johannesburg and above prices excludes transport and logistics outside Gauteng and South Africa.

Please contact us for more information and detailed quotations.

Kind regards,

Pieter Rossouw

Download Print version: PDF 2.37MB


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